After Playstation 1’s appearance, and its victory on its generation fight for sales, the Queen was born: Playstation 2!

As I mentioned on the Dreamcast’s article, at the time of PS2’s release, I was still thinking Sega was the horse to bet on, so I kept faithful to the blue hedgehog’s Japanese company and didn’t jump on board on Sony’s train. But eventually I got convinced the black box was the real deal, and the following (long) years proved that.

PS2 is the best selling console of all times, and its lifespan was unmatched in homing consoles. It “killed” Dreamcast, avoided GameCube to become too big, and took X-Box’s strike without being too much hurt. That’s really something!

How I got it

Playstation 2 was one more console from the “make your sister buy them” phase. This was the first time I used this tactic with the second sister, actually. And since I needed to wait for her to be old enough to ask for a console, I was only able to get the slim version, in about 2003 or 2004. But oh, well, life is not always like we want it to be and it still arrived in time to play excellent games.

Weirdly enough, and although I’ve played some really cool games on PS2, a distinguishing aspect in my experience with this console was the “social gaming” it brought. I remember there was a time where the bars I usually went had a PS2 so that customers could engage in what seemed like wars for survival, but were nothing more than games of Pro Evolution Soccer. I always sucked at that game, but the screaming became the ambiance for most of my nights out drinking. On a completely different context, the accessories available to the console, mostly the EyeToy and the Buzz’s buzzers but also the microphones allowed long fun playing sessions, both in family and with (somehow wasted) friends.

I could not “steal” this console from my sister when I started my collection, for she still plays it sometimes. So I bought a PS2 Fat (Silver Edition). I simply could not stare at the shelves with my consoles with such a blank. You simply must have this console. Mainstream? Yes. Why? Because it is great, that’s why!

Condition and Description


The Queen has some wrinkles, of course. Time waits on no one (and no thing). However, on the inside (where it counts), its “heart” is as strong as ever, still ready to rule easily throughout hours of great gaming.


PS2 was the second console of its generation, released in 2000, when only Dreamcast was on the market. But the fact is that its announcement alone in 1999 was enough to stop Sega’s console’s momentum, showing that the “fight” for the market was far from being equal-sided. In fact, the interest in PS2 was so big that it led to a stock break, leaving players with the only option to buy the console on auction sites, where they hit really high prices. In 2001 Dreamcast was discontinued, and PS2’s first challenger was defeated. But the fight for the market was far from over!

After defeating Dreamcast, new rivals entered the market in 2001. In fact, Nintendo’s GameCube and Xbox, Microsoft’s new console, were ready to make Sony fight for its lead. However, and disregarding GameCube’s lower price, and Xbox’s more powerful hardware, the release of several blockbusters in the end of 2002 kept PS2’s sales up.

In fact, PS2 had (has) a really enormous list of available (and excellent) titles, ranging all types, from simple puzzle games to sports, “artistic” productions like “Shadow of the Colossus”, Hollywood blockbusters like Metal Gear Solid 2, “all-ages”’ platformers, gore action games (God of War), etc. Every category of player could find different games in Sony’s console.

PS2 also successfully introduced accessories which changed player’s interaction with the game. Buzz’s buzzers, Singstar’s microphones, between others, but mostly EyeToy’s camera contributed decisively to the console’s longevity and game’s variety.

Although having to fight (really) strong opponents, PS2’s console (the original models, and the different new versions – with more powerful hardware) is the best selling home video game console of all time, having over 150 million units as November 2011, with about 10,800 titles available for the system, and 1.52 billion games sold since launch. The console’s success lead to a really extend lifespan, with Sony’s announcement of its discontinuation in January 2013.


All hail the Queen! She shall not be forgotten!

Technical Specifications

CPU – 128-bit “Emotion Engine” (300MHz) with multiple co-processors, 6.2 billion floating-point operations per second

Memory – 32MB Rambus DRAM, 4MB Video RAM

Video – Resolution from 256×224 to 1280×1024 pixels, 16.7 million colors, 75 milion polygons per second.

Audio – 2MB, 48 voice audio with support for Dolby, AC3 and DTS

Communication – Network adapter with an Ethernet port

Data – 8 Mb memory card

Input – PlayStation 2’s DualShock 2’s controller, DVD remote control, hard disk drive, multitap, EyeToy camera, keyboard, mouse, headset, dance pads, microphones, guitar controller, drum set controllers, Katana, Chainsaw, lightguns, fishing rod and reel, mouse, Buzz’s buzzers, etc.


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