Hello, my name is Johnny Takumi. I like videogames since I can remember. My first console was a Mega Drive, when I was 8 years old, and the addiction that started while playing Sonic the Hedgehog made me decide on what I wanted to do in the future. So, I wanted to “make” videogames. This wish drove me through a Computer Engineering degree at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, with a major on Artificial Intelligence (and a minor on Software Engineering). Of course my optional disciplines were (when possible) related with Game Design and Game Development. There, I learned what is involved in the process of creating a game, and realised that there are some steps on the way that would be really cool to do, had I the possibility in the future. And then I got my degree. And, I STILL wanted to “make” videogames… but I couldn’t. By then there was no one hiring, and since I really needed money I became a technical consultant. 
I try to be as good as I can on what I’m being paid to do, but the fact is that I STILL WANT TO “MAKE” VIDEOGAMES! That’s why “The Legend of Johnny” was born: as a way to show how much I like videogames, as a portfolio of what I can do, as a way to share what I learn as I learn more and more, as a motivation to keep doing something “videogame related”, as an hobby, and ultimately as a way to convince someone to hire me. So there you go: I’m Johnny, born on 84, a loved son, and a loving husband and brother. I’m still waiting for the opportunity to become a loving father too. Besides videogames I like pizza. Well, and reading and writing, and hanging out with friends, and watching a good series or movie, and travelling, and all those normal stuff. But mostly pizza! Feel free to contact me by mail by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or just fill the contact form below. Oh, and before you go: Have I mentioned I want to “make” videogames? Well, I do!


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